Self-Defense Training:
Self-defense is everything we do to protect and take care of ourselves.

Self-defense is using our verbal and physical skills to protect and fight for ourselves. It is about trusting our instincts, understanding prevention and safety strategies, and finding support after an assault. Becoming conscious of our health and wellbeing is also a part of self-defense.

Learning self-defense is doing what is best for you and making choices based on your needs and safety.

Using games, roleplays, discussions, and physical exercises, theses trainings teach preventative measures, avoidance techniques, boundary setting, physical and verbal skills, and aftercare and healing.

Beginner Training
Advanced Beginner Training
Intermediate Training
Advanced Intermediate Training
Advanced Training Part 1
Advanced Training Part 2

Specific Themes in Safety Awareness:
Verbal Strategies
Domestic Violence
Defense against Weapons


Video: The workshop and the production of the video were made possible by the generous support of the Third Wave Foundation's 9-11 Grant, the fiscal sponsorship of Third World Newsreel, and the enthusiasm and energy of the workshop organizers and participants.

The Ruckus 9-11 Workshops were a series of free self-defense workshops taught to the South Asian women and youth communities to address safety concerns in an increasingly terrorist-obsessed and xenophobic climate. They were taught and filmed in New York in 2003.

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