Making Peace - Mediation Techniques for Everyone:
2 day training

Mediation is a skill that is essential to peacemaking. Every community has a "mediator," a person who steps in and interrupts the argument, redirects the conversation, and provides a safe space for people to engage in a dialogue. Learning mediation skills can help individuals, communities, and organizations to enhance communication and promote peace.

Mediation is a facilitated discussion with a neutral third party. The mediator is not a judge and does not decide the outcome, but supports the parties to resolve their own dispute. The Mediation process provides a neutral and safe space in which the parties are able to have a structured conversation.

Through mediation, parties have the opportunity to reach an understanding of themselves, each other, and the dispute at hand. With this understanding, conflicts begin to shift and transformation can take place, often leading to a resolution.

This training begins with an introduction to basic conflict resolution theories and skills-building then focuses on basic mediation techniques that can be applied to any setting.

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